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November Menus - Note: On Wednesday 11/20, Elementary main entree will be Hot Ham and Cheese on a Bun. JH & HS entrees will be Opt 1: Hot Ham and Cheese, Opt 2: Cheeseburger, Opt 3: Chicken Patty on a bun, and Opt 4: Pretzel Bosco

October Menus - Note: On Monday 10/7, Option 3 will be Grilled Chicken on Bun

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Safe Snacks List

To apply for Free or Reduced priced meals, log on to TeacherEase. From the Miscellaneous menu, select Free-Reduced Lunch Application.  If you do not have access to a computer, or are in need of assistance with the application, contact the Elementary or JH/HS offices.

For information on summer meal programs, see the Summer Meal Options flier, or visit the Rise & Shine Illinois website

Cafe Times
Changes to Jr High and High School lunches this year:

  • There will be 4 or more entrée choices each day for Hot Lunch. Students can choose one (or more) of these each morning during 1st hour lunch count. 
  • The student hot lunch price includes an entrée, fruit, vegetable, and milk. In order to make a "complete" lunch, students must choose at least 3 items (one of them a fruit or vegetable). If a student does not make a "complete" lunch, each item will have to be charged separately as a la carte items, which could end up costing more than the price of a hot lunch.

Complete meal