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Early Dismissal Schedule
Lexington Schools will be dismissing at 2:15 pm on Tuesday October 6th and on Thursday October 8th.  The early dismissal will allow our staff to prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences that will be held those evening.  The JH and HS will operate on the following schedule:
1st Hour 8:15-8:52
2nd Hour 8:55-9:32
3rd Hour 9:35-10:12
4th Hour 10:15-10:52
5th Hour 10:55-11:32
6th Hour 11:35-12:12
Lunch      12:12-12:55
7th Hour 12:58-1:35
8th Hour 1:38-2:15

Updated Tardy Policy
At the September 17th school board meeting, a new tardy policy was adopted.  This policy affects only high school students and it began on Monday, September 21st.  Students will receive an after-school detention on their 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th tardy.  Their 7th tardy will result in a Saturday School.  After the 7th tardy then each of the next four tardies will be after-school detentions with the fifth tardy another Saturday School.

Backpack Program

Lexington Schools is once again offering a food/snack program this year for students in need.  Each student was sent home with an application last week for this wonderful program. If your family would like to be considered, please submit the Backpack Program form to either school office.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents/Guardians-

It’s that time of the year to set up our Parent/Teacher conferences.  Parent/Teacher conferences allow you specific time to meet with your student’s teacher to discuss his/her progress so far this school year.  Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on the evenings of October 6 and October 8.  In order to assist everyone in finding a time that works best, we will be using an online system this year in order to sign up for Parent/Teacher conference dates and times. 

What that means for you is being able to go directly to this website: http://ptcfast.com/schools/Lexington_7

You will choose the teacher would you like to schedule a conference with and choose the time that works best for you.  Parents/guardians will need a verifiable email address to complete the sign up process online.  We ask parents/guardians to sign up to meet with their student’s homeroom teacher, but we also encourage you to set appointment times with any specials teachers you are interested in meeting with. 

If parents/guardians do not have internet access to sign up for conferences online, please call the respective school offices and we will be happy to assist you in signing up for a conference. 

We hope this process allows parents more flexibility in signing up for conference times that work in their schedule.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Elementary office. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing all of you at conferences.

Homecoming Court
CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2015 HOMECOMING COURT Blake Edwards, Austin Payne, Alex Payne, Thomas Hazam, Gabby Freed, Alexis Bury, Taylor Lingle, Ashland Eckhart
Homecoming Court 2015
Congratulations to Alexis Bury and Blake Edwards for being named LHS Homecoming Queen and King.

Elementary Fire Poster Winners
Congratulations to the following students whose poster entry was selected by the Lexington Fire Dept. as being one of the best for promoting fire safety:Sean R, Cayden B, Drake P, Morgan J, Hannah B, Ella D, Isabelle B, Emilee Br, Jaxson G, Ayden W, Reese S, Elizabeth D, Camden M, Leo D, Haylee B
Fire Poster Winners

Booster Club Sponsorship
The Lexington Booster Club needs members and volunteers.  Please consider joining for only $25.  See attached form for information.
Booster Club Membership Form 2015-2016.pdf

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The Lexington School District is located in and around a small rural community situated along Interstate #55 north of the twin cities of Bloomington and Normal. The city of Lexington has a population of approximately 2100 people. The school district is a unit district that encompasses 83 square miles around and including the city of Lexington. Most of the land use is agricultural with a portion used for public or commercial business. Approximately 520 students in grades PreK-12 are housed at one campus located in Lexington. The district employs 41 full time teachers and 2 administrators. District program initiatives include an outstanding Pre-school “At-Risk” program and excellent integration of technology into the curriculum beginning in Kindergarten. High school students are able to supplement their course work with Heartland Community College courses offered during the school day on our campus. District Low-Income population is approximately 23% of student enrollment. The student attendance rate is over 96% in the district.